Available Features in the Splunk App for Jira Server

The Real-Time JIRA Service Desk Connector for Splunk provides these features to help you gain insight and visibility across your IT Service Desk and IT Ops teams and to manage the app.

Splunk Features


Operational health status indicator and summary of the incidents, problems, and changes across your IT environment.

TeamsSeries of configurable reports for analyzing team-based and individual workload metrics.
ReportsSeries of configurable reports for analyzing IT Service Desk and IT Ops data in detail.
SearchList of Splunk saved searches that are in the app context. The app includes several pre-configured searches for gaining insight into Jira ticket data that you can enable or disable. You can also configure Splunk to automatically open tickets in Jira for alerts on any saved searches.
WallboardDashboard view of your JSD data that is well-suited to a large NOC monitor display.
ConfigureSettings to manage the connection between Splunk and Jira.