Release notes, glossary, and other reference materials.

Glossary and Notes

Project Schemes

A representation inside the application that links Splunk Servers to the Jira projects on the server. It encapsulates a many-to-many relationship between Jira Projects and Splunk Servers, as well as the events that the Plugin application should monitor on the Jira instance for updates to send to the Splunk Server. Activating this Project Scheme creates a webhook in Jira. Deactivating it will delete the webhook automatically.

Splunk Schemes

A representation inside the application that defines a  Splunk Server. This definition includes a user friendly name, the base url and port of the event collector, and the auth token generated in Splunk for that event collector. Connectivity is verified once the Splunk has been activated. The interval of the health check is defined in the Settings, but the default is every 2 minutes. Every time a connection is made the Last Synced column will be updated. You can see more details about the connection if you click View Details in the row's options. The failed events field is the number of unique events that have not been successfully sent to Splunk. The plugin will try to resend those failed issues periodically. This issue resend interval can be set in the settings, but the default is every 3 minutes.

Release Notes for Version 1.3.0

  • Introducing Jira 8 compatibility!
  • Removed references to Hipchat
  • Improved front end alerting
  • Fixed bugs related to SSL and certificates
  • Reduced database footprint for superior performance
  • And much, much more!

Due to schema changes, any existing configurations will no longer be functional.