SmartHandler FAQs

How much does this cost?

Do you offer a free trial? 

Yes, free trial is offered via Atlassian marketplace. 

How is this different from other Mail Handlers?

We have several key features that differentiate us from our competitors. The answer in one word is customization. Not only can we create and update limitless tickets across different projects from 1 email, BUT we also allow the user to define custom if/else conditions and use logical and/or operators to build complex expressions on a field-by-field basis.  The power is limitless and the logic can be as a simple or complex as you need it to be. (An example to use: The incoming email has an account number in it... IF the account number starts with 004, then we know this is an enterprise account and needs to be assigned to a specific support person. AND if the account number contains W, then we know this account is in the west coast region, so we need to assign it to Bill. ELSE IF the account number starts with 004 AND contains an E, then it need to be assigned to Sharon, our east coast rep. ELSE we assign this to generic support because it is not an enterprise account)

Additional Key Features:

  • Uploading a Reference / Lookup Table to use in your decisioning (Example: The incoming email has an account number. Internally this account number is associated with a Line of Business, Region, Sales Support Person, Production Site Code. The email sender is not familiar with this business logic associated with the account behind the scenes, so we can upload a CSV file to use in our field by field deicioning as a cross reference. We can tell the plugin to lookup the account number in the CSV file and return the column LOB and then populate the custom field LOB with that value in the ticket we create... etc.)
  • When updating a ticket, we can pull the existing field values in that ticket (or any existing ticket) and make decisions based on what is already there. This allows us to update ticket on either system or custom fields.(Example: if we are updating a ticket, we can tell the plugin to get the current value of the field Status and combine that with some other logic to bump the ticket through the workflow. If email subject contains the word "Completed Maintenance" and the current Status is "In Progress" then set the Status to "Complete". And we can do this is every field, custom or system.)
  • We can handle any incoming email format. Key value pairs is easy, but with some regex knowledge you can also set it up to read free flowing text. We also include some canned regex templates to help you get started with this.
  • If enabled, each email will generate a score based on criteria that the user defines. Then once the initial set of actions (create, update tickets) are preformed, additional actions that relay on score ranges are taken (Example: )

What kind of emails can it process?

We can handle anything they throw at us. The complexity of the email is only limited by the user's knowledge of regex. Key value pairs are the easiest to setup because of our import feature. You just copy and paste an example email you'd want to handle, and we take care of the rest. Free flowing text or a combination or key values and free flowing both require regex. We supply some canned regex templates to help get them started, and offer additional resources in our docs if they need them.

Where Can  I find the Videos for Smart handler  set up?


Score Ranges:

Updating Tickets:

Data Point Configuration:

Lookup Table:

Tips & Tricks:  

But what about attachments?

If the incoming email has an attachment, we will automatically include that on the issue(s) that get created. In the future, look for more customization on this feature.

Can SmartHandler transition issues through the workflow or set the resolution?

Yes and Yes! Using our existing field value feature, we can make decisions about what to put in a field while considering what is already there or in another field. This can be done for ALL fields, not just status and resolution.

What Jira and JSD versions do you currently support?

Jira 7.2.0 - Jira 8.11.0

Any Issues with SmartHandler Configuration option?

Upon installation of Smarthandler, the plugin now creates a Jira user group called "smart-handler-admin-group" and by default populates this group with all Jira admins. The users in this group have access to see and use the SmartHandler plugin. This allows more control to be given to other groups or users inside of an organization by the Jira admin, if desired.

If you don't see SmartHandler for setting up, Please create "smart-handler-admin-group" manually and add the desired users to this group.

Does this work with Datacenter?

Yes, SmartHandler supports Data Center

What are the Possible Email Type Servers configured?

Any email server you can add to Jira is also valid with our plugin.

Does SmartHandler for Mail Supports JIRA Cloud and JIRA Server?

Currently we onlye support Jira Server.

Does the Plugin handle multiple Inboxes

Yes, this plugin has the ability to handle multiple inboxes

How often is the incoming email processed?

The plugin scans each inbox every 60 seconds to look for new emails.

How to enable advanced logging for SmartHandler?

Advanced logging can be enabled by following below steps. 

Go to System Settings-→Logging and Profiling will be on the left menu-→Configure Logging for another package→Add at DEBUG level: com.forty8fiftylabs.plugins.atlassian.smarthandler_for_mail

Now User should be SSH to their Jira environment and see our advanced line by line logging.

Does SmartHandler handle inplace images?

Currently inline images are not adding to the ticket description automatically. we are aware of this issue and will prioritize for our next release

Who has access to this plugin in JIRA? 

Currently the plugin by default, available to JIRA admins, after installation now creates a Jira user group called "Smart-Handler-admin-group". But the users added to this group have access to see and use the SmartHandler plugin.

Does SmartHandler support multi Languages?

Yes!!   SmartHandler for Mail now supports other languages (German, French, Japanese...etc)

What are the supported browsers for Smart Handler?

Currently, Chrome and Firefox are the only supported browsers

How is Smart Handler handling emails when the Jira Server is down?

SmartHandler will look for emails both old emails and new incoming emails that meets the Handler match criteria. To further troubleshoot these kind of issues, attach an exported JSON file for the handlers to the support ticket.

Does Smart Handler supports users not in the Jira System as reporters?

Anonymous users are not handled with the current version

How to put sender email into data point?

We allow users to use the email body, email subject line, sender, and recipient as built-in data points by default. You can find the sender option in your expressions as "Email From".

Also if you are typing in a text box, if you press {, a list of options will be presented including "Email From".


What support do you offer for this plugin?

We offer 24/7 support. Submit a support ticket for any Product Questions/Support/Pricing Questions.