SmartHandler for Mail

Automate your key operations with advanced email handling options in JIRA and JIRA Service Desk. Monitor multiple inboxes and set different actions based on the types of emails you receive and the information they contain.



How It Works

The SmartHandler for Mail works by parsing your incoming email messages and extracting key data points—whether the messages contain structured or free-form text. Then, the add-on analyzes and scores the email contents according to your custom criteria. Based on these results, it automatically creates and/or updates one or more JIRA tickets by leveraging the email contents, information in your JIRA instance, and information in other operational data tables, such as team assignments or configuration databases.

These advanced options provide a flexible, and powerful way to make email actionable within JIRA and JIRA Service Desk environments, so you can save time and make sure your team has the information they need to be effective.


  • Monitor multiple mailboxes with unlimited SmartHandlers.
  • Update multiple tickets in multiple projects with a single email.
  • Create custom if/else logic and use logical and/or operators to make decisions and take actions.
  • Define dynamic logic based on a field-by-field analysis of the real-time data in the incoming email and/or a points-based scoring system.
  • Create and update tickets based on system, dynamic, or custom field values.
  • Take advantage of your operational knowledge by uploading lookup tables, such as team assignments or configuration databases.
  • Define advanced data-mapping criteria for ticket updates.
  • Evaluate email messages of any format—with key-value pairs for structured content or regular expressions for free-form text.

Get Started

Learn how to configure and use the SmartHandler - Email Logic for Jira with our comprehensive product documentation.